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My Beauty Shop: What I Shopped For In Spain! (*Psst, some Spanish, some universal, many awesome)

I am a firm believer that when you travel, you need to pick up stuff that is…

  1. Local (That’s a given, I know. But I have been guilty of shopping high street stuff even while traveling…)
  2. Small enough to not have your husband panic and
  3. Something made with local ingredients / maybe a local label / just something exclusive to the country. That for me, means clearly, beauty products.

So when I landed in Madrid, my eyes were peeled for anything great packaging, fancy-schmancy ingredients and just general airport duty-free stuff that I can splurge on. Here are a few observations I made and a few products I bought!


P.S that’s me on the first day in Spain looking as gleeful as a bunny rabbit on fluffy bed! 

  1. Well, I saw a lot of French products at all cosmetic stores. Bioderma (That Sensibio H2O) – Vichy EmbroylisseLa Roche Posay, even Caudalie. I even saw a lot of Nuxe (that shimmer oil is so so tempting and the lip balm) and  hella lotta Avene. But not any Spanish brand that was advertised. I wonder why. But well, the Spanish do have some amazing products that I heard about later!
  2. So off I sauntered off to the Spanish pharmacies to take a look. Again, too many French products but nothing too different. There were three important stores to buy all the skincare and makeup you can ever buy in Spain. One, Herboristeria –  a place where you do get some amazing organic skincare. But apart from some neat yogic fare I saw, there was nothing that I particularly liked! Two, Cortes Des Ingles, a departmental store that had some real cute makeup and Three, Primor, my favourite that had most of the stuff you wanted. Even budget stuff and high-end stuff and everything. Pricing-wise too Primor was the best, they had sales and offers and for a budget Indian traveler, that was so refreshing!
  3. I went to Sephora and went crazy like the mad woman I am. Finally bought those Korean Sheet Masks by Tony Moly that everyone is talking about. The coolest mask I know, GlamGlow that I am literally raving about.
  4. I walked into Kiko Milan and found that it was on sale and bought every liner I could get my hands on. Every liner, guys. From Infinity Eyeshadow to Daring Look Eye Marker. From Double Dare Eyeshadow to Kajal Pencil. I’m a crazy eyeliner-person!
  5. Also, I spent most of my time browsing Pharmacies because they seem to have a bunch of good Spanish brands and interesting European brands inside.
  6. So one day, I took some time out to really check out Spanish labels and interrogated the good lady over at Cortes Des Ingles. After much brain-picking, she gave me a list of labels: especially of Skin care. Here you go…
  1. Sesderma ( Their C-vit liposomal serum is supposed to be the shizz and helloooo, it’s now available in India)
  2. Esdor
  3. Atashi
  4. Isdin ( This one apparently has the best sunscreen you can ever ever try)
  5. Lavadi Macchio ( Products made with olive oil)
  6. Endocare / Heliocare
  7. Dercare
  8. Segle Clinical
  9. Sensilis ( The makeup is known to be super smooth)
  10. Cum Laude ( clinical but cool packaging)

So here’s what I ended up buying:


Not everything I bought is Spanish. But I bought stuff I was lusting after for months. Plus, most of my shopping was budget and I splurged on one or two things, that’s all. Some I bought for the packaging and some, for one reason only: Sephora minis. The concept of minis is not so much there in India (I’m not talking Sephora) and I think it should be there because smaller products are easier to try before you buy the whole bottle!

  1. Isdin Maskream: This one was supposed to work wonders on your skin – the hydrating mask is for parched skin. Loving sheets masks at the moment.
  2. BodyShop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: Amazing buy and I bought a travel pack so it was so handy.
  3. BodyShop Cocoa Butter: Well, need I say how dry-skinned people just love this shit?
  4. H & M Powder Blush: I bought it coz the packaging looked cute. Really!
  5. H & M Nail Laquer: It was midnight purple with shimmer inside it. Yep
  6. H & M Rose Reverie Lotion
  7. Caribbean Crush Lotion: Both Cute neon bottles
  8. Rosoil by Sesderma: Perfect for those with dry skin and marks on skin.
  9. Body Shop Green Apple Shimmer Lotion: Wanted to see how much it shines? Not really, I never really tried it but thought, am on holiday, why not?
  10. Glam Glow Mud Mask: Been dying to use it for a while. But let’s admit, it’s a tad expensive so I bought a mini version of this – #hailsephora. I already used it and it is so so good!
  11. Kiko Daring Look Eye Marker: Perfect for a cat-eye! But one misgiving, it rubs off easily.
  12. BodyShop Strawberry Hand and Nail Cream: Perfect for carrying in bag. Period!
  13. Kiko Double Dare Eyeshadow and Eyeliner: Fat pencil, good finish! 
  14. Kiko Fine Art Eye Pencil: The pencil looked amaze at the store, will have to try it.
  15. Tony Moly I’m Real Tomato Mask
  16. Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Mask 
  17. Tony Moly I’m Real SeaWeed Mask: All three because I’m currently trying ourt Korean stuff. If only there was a Peach & Lily here!
  18. Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow: Coz this year, am planning the perfect smoky eye!
  19. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara: I don’t really get any cool Rimmel products here. The duty stores have them but gawd, dunno how long they are on the shelf and every best budget buys story online starts with Scandal eyes.
  20. Kiko Art Pencil: Another gem!
  21. Kiko Ultra Sheen Lipgloss in Soft Hydrangea: The gloss looked natural and nice!
  22. Benefit They’re Real Mascara: Because it’s iconic and it’s found in a cozy travel shape!

Now, they’re not all Spanish products but they are my buys from Spain with a few authentic Spanish ones thrown in. 🙂


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