Jean Paul Gaultier And His Sari Obsession Became My Obsession!

I’m no fashion student. I wish I was though because when I was studying for entrance exams to get into college, it wasn’t even a career option. Now, after 10 years and more, I still want to do something about that. Because, curiosity and obsession with style, yougaiz.

Anyways, with the limited knowledge I had, I went to work for Marie Claire for almost 5 years and gained so much. I learnt to understand what makes style work. And worked alongside talented stylists who knew their job and are still doing a great job at fashion till date. And I distinctly remember a time when every look we picked for our covers needed to make a point – Shefalee, our editor absolutely insisted on it. Sigh, editors like those are rare.

And that’s how on a random day in the sweltering Delhi heat that I discovered Jean Paul Gaultier’s work in the magazine cupboard of our office. There were Marie Claire magazines from all countries just sitting there waiting to be read and I would hungrily devour them on weekends. And the thing is, you don’t need to know / be a fashion person to understand his work. It’s really instinctive. I like anything Indian-inspired so I was amazed at how wearable some parts of it are – and so close to reality. That’s real fashion for me – real, wearable and at the same time, artistic.


The last Hermes collection in 2008 was my favourite of all time. Those light-as-air sari dresses, my god, so pretty. It’s truly timeless and I really wish someone on a red carpet would wear that Hermes sari dress again. That would be something!

I really can understand the sari obsession, it’s such a pretty drape, open for interpretation and is quite malleable.

And now, his couture collection for 2017-18 is inspired by those jet setters and their fab lives in exotic and glamorous chalets and skiing destinations and how he got saris into the mix is another thing. And at the same time, nothing sticks out as odd – skiing in saris, bring it on. Also, the ornate sari or the royalty-laden stuff is not there. Just modern fabrics in a beautiful fluid silhouette. I have been meaning to put my favourite pictures up here and you know how it is, so.many-chores!!! So here they are!



And hello, the makeup on this show – so out-of-the-box, those eyes! And the nosering with a chain, well, that style is still doing well on the streets of India and to see it on international ramps, is delightful.



No matter how much I think of fashionable silhouettes, I cannot for the life of me move beyond saris – they are worn by every woman I know and interpreted by each wearer so differently. And that’s why it’s a magic garment, isn’t it?

That’s my inspiration for the day. It’s already been a month since this show happened but this new collection will not care when it’s discovered or where – it will stay timeless.

Pics via Rediff; Vogue

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