Handcrafted: Quirksmith, The Label That Takes Silver On A Whimsical Flight!

I used to be crazy about silver. In college, it was all about that Fab India kurta and oodles of oxidised silver. Always dull, always antique-y and probably a bit cliched also. But we hardly had any options when we were growing up – not so much social media really and no Insta trends and FB pages to ogle at.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.42.17 PM

So we chose a few things that we saw: Posh – chic person, boho-whimsical person and ultra-traditional human. Everyone fell into these boxes and for those bordering on hippie-boho, silver jewellery was the uniform of sorts. But options for silver were very few. We had lots of jhumkas, a pair of anklets thrown in with some random meenakari work and of course, hoops (they were my fav!!!). Some girls wore semi-precious stones with their silver: amethyst, pearls, rubies and even opals. That was 1999.


In 2017, the rules seem to have changed. There are so many homegrown labels that are outdoing one another like no man’s business and excelling at making that humble jhumka into an artefact with a POV. One among them that keeps cropping up on my radar is Quirksmith. I like the label for a variety of reasons.

Tikli_QuirkSmith 4

  1. They make affordable silver jewellery: The nose rings retail at Rs 600.
  2. They do inspirational words: I like the Aham Brahmasmi ear cuff.
  3. They are almost like modern weaponry. Warrior-like, rustic yet contemporary.
  4. They are all made in 92.5 silver. I like that it’s not sterling silver. (Sterling silver and zircons are the worst!)
  5. They have a new thing on the menu: Ear plugs and they’re gorgeous. *mental note: buy them!


Started by Divya and Pragya – an NIFT ’04 grad with a specialisation in jewelry designing and an IIT Delhi and INSEAD graduate, this one’s got design and business going well for it. I even heard that Divya worked with Amrapali ( my fav store!) for a bit. Woohoo!



What should I buy? I am eyeing the ear cuffs with words on them. Definitely buy the ear plugs, they’re great for those who don’t have piercings. I like the sharp, warrior-like earrings with arrows, the “Nakhrewali” ring and those fun brooches. I might try the septum rings. My favourite piece has to be the Jugalbandi Nath. *mental note: wear more silver!

Well, so that’s Quirksmith for you and may it impress you.

Available here. Pricing starts at Rs 600. You might want to catch them at Lakme Fashion Week 2017 this time in Mumbai.
Date – 16-20 Aug
Place – St Regis

2 thoughts on “Handcrafted: Quirksmith, The Label That Takes Silver On A Whimsical Flight!

  1. Hi Latha, chanced upon your article and thought I’ll point something out.

    ‘Sterling silver’ IS 92.5/925 silver. Since pure (100%) silver is too soft to be made into jewellery, some other metals (usually copper) are added to make it harder. 92.5% silver, as the name suggests is 92.5% silver + rest some other metal(s).

    92.5, 925, Sterling silver are all the same thing. Sterling silver is a universally used and recognized standard for fine silver jewellery. 🙂


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