Would You Wear Taant? Meet Bhomra, My Summer Fix!

I’ve known Sriparna Ray Sengupta aka Chipi for years now. She’s a friend of a friend and when often bumped into each other at malls, she always gave me that beaming smile and that tight hug. We connected in our respective jobs and admired each other from afar. And now, she is back again in my realm with a label of her own called Bhomra Design Co and boy, it is gorgeous and totally up my alley. And with summer right next to us, saying hello, it’s best we stock up on cotton essentials that feel good and look good!


Taant has always been part of our wardrobes, at least our moms – that crisp, effortless and easy to wear in any season fabric is all about comfort and chic mixed together into this new-age cocktail. I was introduced to it by my mom who regularly dragged us to exhibitions to buy the Bengal cottons almost every 3 months. Taant is no longer just a sari – it’s a dress and a kurta and an easy silhouette you slip into to brunch, a party, a pooja at home or even to work – courtesy Bhomra.


And not just dresses, the label also comes with super stylish jackets, kurtis, tops and beach-friendly camis that totally mix and match tradition and new 2018 cuts. It’s just launched last year (2017) at the fag end and it’s still very very new. But I just couldn’t wait to showcase it – finding these new fabrics that are producing so much potential is part of my job. Right after eating red velvet cake straight from the fridge. Talents heh!



The fabrics that Sengupta deals with are traditional weaves of taants, dhakais and tangails, considering she lives in Kolkata – things Bengalis cannot live without and fabrics the rest of India, salivates after.


Sengupta calls Bhomra, the story of a bumbling bee.Some of my fondest memories of taant are of Ma beautifully draped in the lightest of Bengal cottons. Then there was my Nani Ma’s sari which I used as a ‘shurshuri kapod’ (baby blanket or comforter) when I was little. It was the softest, most beautiful bundle of taant, worn out over years of me falling asleep wrapped in it—finding indescribable comfort with my face buried in its gentle cotton folds and familiar scent. Many an afternoon melted into the evening  with my mother and aunts, all draped in their lovely cottons, immersed in conversation about everything and nothing. My wedding (still a couple of decades away at that point) came up in these discussions every once in a while. Young as I may have been, the thought of donning gorgeous saris—maybe a yellow and red border taant for gaye holud, a typical red and white dhakai for my aiburobhaat, a delicious lime green tangail for one of the other days—filled me with excitement and anticipation. The idea for Bhomrathe adventurous little bumbling bee—was born from my desire to celebrate Taant, the extraordinary traditional cotton weave of Bengal, by bringing its unassuming elegance, lightness and simplicity back into our everyday lives while also introducing this and other fine weaves such as Tangails and Dhakais to others with appreciation for such artistry,” she adds.


And Taant is that artistry that Bengalis celebrate and it has its unique tale to tell. It was made famous by the Moghuls and comes with pretty motifs like the half moon, blue sky, twinkling stars, elephants, fish scales, flowers swaying in the breeze, the adventures of bees (bhomra) and so much more.


As of now, you can explore a wide range of Label Bhomra’s collection on Instagram and Facebook. They are regulars at most exhibitions in your city so look up their social media and you’ll know where they’re available and their pop-up situation. I just cannot wait to get to Bombay to grab a piece myself. They have just launched their exclusive range of the men and kidswear + home decor is next on the anvil. So you got your summer stitch right there!



Price Range: Rs.1800 to Rs.4000

Address: Bhomra Design Co., New Alipore, Kolkata-700053.  Contact: 9930599127
Picture Credits: Label Bhomra


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