The Five Places That Helped Me Find My Current Playlist!

Music is a big topic in our home. Not because my husband is embedded 6-feet into it. But because it’s really not something I know much about – so I get by with a little help from him. While my husband can rattle off his favorite genres and artists, I look for a nice beat, a stylish artist and a sound that sticks with me. I have my favorites, but they’re few. I don’t pledge my allegiance to one genre because I really don’t know where I belong. The good thing about not knowing which genre you belong to is the freedom to love everything.


So recently I needed motivation – for fitness, for life goals and generally, life. And I needed a playlist that’s random and new and off-beat. And I looked through my Shazam and boom, I found some neat stuff.

You see, I have this habit of watching random, crazy stuff on Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube and Prime Amazon and when a soundtrack plays that I like, I at once Shazam it and keep it for future reference. And lately, I was watching a mish-mash of crazy stuff, from Hindi films I missed, a TV series that’s so old that I found on Amazon Prime etc. But whatever it is, my playlist is teeming with old and new songs but odd ones and things I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for soundtracks. Nice no? Here we go…

  1. Suits 

My obsession with Harvey Spector isn’t healthy. And to top it off, am still waiting for season 7 to land in India. It’s exhausting, the wait. You know why I love Suits – and not just for Spector? The outfits and the motivation you get. Suddenly you want to get skinny, carry a latte from Starbucks and you’ll want to fit into that stunning corporate dress and kick some ass. Seriously, try it. How do all these women wear such body-hugging stuff and have no belly fat? Like nothing, not even a food bulge. That’s a discussion for another day but the songs I found on Suits are amazing.

Some amazing ones that stuck with me:

John Newman – Love Me Again 

Kaleo – Way Down We Go 

Bobby Banzini – Blood’s Thicker Than Water 

Desi Valentine – Fate Don’t Know You 


2. Befikre

Hmm, I know what you’re thinking. Like WTF. Why this stupid rom-com. Believe it or not, it’s got some hiccups but it’s a decent film. In fact, the biggest love story of our times with some filmy shit thrown in. I don’t like both the actors but I’ll tell you they did a good job. Anywho, as I was watching it one day, there was a French song playing at a strategic place in the movie. Yep, a French song, with a great beat. And after careful research, it turned out to be the one below and damn, it’s addictive!

Mika – Boum Boum Boum 

3. Criminal Minds

I watch this show all the frikkin time. So much so that I do stupid quizzes like “Are you JJ or Emily?” or “Who is your date – Morgan or Reid?”. In case, you wanna know, the answer for the last one is Morgan all the way. So anywho, constant exposure to this series got me Shazam-ing some gems.

Lifehouse – Broken 

Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home ( This is like on loop right now but I like the acoustic one)

Daughtry – Home 

Hodges – My Side Of The Story 

Sia – Bird Set Free

4. Sex and The City Last Episode

Ok, I rewatch this all the time out of habit. But surprisingly, it’s held up as an interesting show as you age. But I relate to a different girl everytime I watch it. So this last song has been one of my favorites coz it introduced me to an amazing artist – M.C Solaar. You’ll love the song and you know, this took me the longest time to find. The sound was so low, I had to watch the scene like a million times to get past this.

MC Solaar – Le Belle Et Le Bad Boy 

Before We Go

Am not big on love stories and romance. I like watching thrillers better. So this one is my current favorite and that means, the story had to be that realistic. Such a neat, effortless, simple movie. Also, Chris Evans is surprisingly good. But the ending is so heart-breaking and the song that comes with it – even more so. And P.S It has the best dialogues.

Andrew Lockington – Move On 

So, what’s your deal? Have you ever found an amazing song while watching something? Pls hit me up. I love such stuff!

Featured image: Pixistock 

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