Rocksalt Reviews: iS Clinical’s Hydra-Cool Serum is like a stream in a desert for dry, dehydrated skin

Happy skin is a process. It’s not perfect, it’s yours though and only you know how good it is to you. As long as it looks good to your mirror, to your touch, no one else can decide the happiness quotient of your skin. No picture can capture it, no filter can showcase it in all its glory and no one can describe it. What is good skin, after all? The answer is simple, it’s yours. Don’t forget that perfect skin comes with pores, blemishes and acne. I don’t have perfect skin but I have happy moments with my skin and the pursuit to good skin is a long, winding road and you discover allies that make your skin shine. This cult product is one such ally.

I love change. Moving homes, moving cities, trying new things, wearing a new lipstick everyday. That kind. But when it comes to my face, I stick to one plan, one layering process and yeah, maybe the products change but my needs and ingredients stay put. Until I had a child. And grew into my late 30s. I used to have oily skin, or so I thought.  After my pregnancy, just like my body, my skin type changed almost overnight. It became super dry and flaky – a bit dull, lethargic, I also had a few bouts of hormonal acne.

iS Clinical / India

So my ingredient checklist became my north star – I started researching everything that I needed to get back that plump, moisture-laden skin. And of course, Hyaluronic Acid reigned supreme in everything I used. But what I noticed is that while hydrating serums + creams help massively, they need constant touch-ups. In an hour or two, or once I wear a bit of heavy makeup, the face again becomes dry-ish. So I started misting like mad. But if you are like me, that’s deffo an extra step. And I’m lazy. 

Recently, I came upon iS Clinical’s popular, breaking-the-internet potion, the Hydra-Cool Serum. Now, I’m gonna be brutally honest – I love hydrating serums but I’m not ‘just’ into them. I want brightness and glow and all things that Instagram filters give you. 

My happy skin after two weeks of use

So I never  ‘just’ use a hydrating serum, I look for one that’s got Vit C or Niacinamide – I want more and am greedy like that. But this serum was a one-stop-shop for everything glowy and moisture-boosted. If hyaluronic acid is all about giving your skin a glass of water, this beauty gave me a jug of chilled water, periodically slathered on my face every 2 hours or so. PS Makeup looked dewy even after all that layering – no dryness, no powdery feels. When skincare gives you that good a boost under your makeup, it’s a keeper.

It gave my skin that little extra boost when I had my acne bouts too. And it gave me the glow and my acne scars got lighter thanks to the ingredient list – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5 and brightening Mushroom Extract. Extra points for adding the calm hero: centella asiatica and hyperpigmentation expert, kojic acid alongside soothing menthol. 

Packed to the gills with antioxidants, this serum is a god-send for women who hate that dry, dull situation every morning. Especially if like me, you face that itchy dryness after a wash. And for hyper-pigmented skin like mine, it’s a delight – it calms the skin, helps with blemishes and is super duper gentle. 

iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum Review

It’s also sensitive skin friendly and comes in a dropper bottle which is easy to use. After two weeks, I could tell that my skin is looking better, pores have shrunk, my skin’s texture changed and it felt plump. Though, I had my eyes on the Active Serum and this was one big surprise. The only thing that irked me? It finished up too quickly. And for that price point, it can be annoying coz just when you are starting to get used to the beauty, there’s only a drop or two left. Bummer. If you get past that and use your pay check to live on good skin and bread for the rest of the month, then yeah, it’s completely worth it.

iS Clinical is available in India at Kosa Wellbeing.

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