About Me

It’s about the usual and the unusual. About the unique and the luxurious. Effortless X Indian Ideas. It’s about homegrown labels and hipster happiness.

It is sometimes about living a hand-made, hand-crafted life. One that is made with a lot of self-awareness and gratitude. It is about discovering new-age fashion and natural beauty ideas. It’s a place where Indian crafts play around with modern ideas. It is about things that are pure and honest – and adding an Indian identity to the global fashion narrative.

It is about sustainable growth too. It is about taking that raw, rural craftsmanship and making it work in an urban and modern setting. It is about indigenous textiles and techniques and the real reason behind why we love them. It is also about baby steps that a few discerning brands are taking and small organic innovations that big brands are betting on. It’s also about food that’s quintessentially Indian. About pickled ambitions and crunchy poppadums – all made in the home oven.


I’m Latha Sunadh and I love five things in no particular order. Beauty. Style. Home. Happiness and Homegrown labels. I’ve been a copywriter, a PR executive and a Client Servicing person before realising that writing floats my boat. So, after a memorable stint at Marie Claire and Vogue (As the Digital Editor) and more amazing places along the way, I now write and consult as a freelancer / Consulting / Managing Editor. This is my happy space and I intend to stay honest to my life. I am figuring out how to embrace a non-toxic life, get better at what I do and try and get to the #nextlevel.

Mail me at rocksaltedit@gmail.com to get in touch!


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